Retail Digital Signage : Convenience Store (Philip Morris Japan)

retail digital signage_japan

The Digital Signage Player must operate non-stop for 365 days in convenience stores. These stores are dispersed widely throughout different areas of Japan, and therefore, the maintenance cost of each faulty system is very high. The reliability of the system thus becomes critical. Besides, rich support of multimedia contents is required to provide PMJ with the benefit of designing attractive advertisements.

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Retail Digital Signage : Eslite Bookstore Chains

retail digital signage-bookstore

As a representative bookstore, Eslite wants to provide comprehensive information and services to customers. This must include information provided via vision, hearing, and sense of touch. In addition, Eslite is still expanding its business, so the expandability of any system should be considered. Furthermore, thousands of customers visit different branches every day, so Eslite also has tough requirements for reliability.

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Airport Digital Signage : Taoyuan International Airport

airport digital signage-taiwan

The Digital Signage system in the airport operates non-stop, 24×7, so reliability is the number one requirement. In order to apply the system to different airline counters, boarding gates, baggage claims, and other areas in the airport, it must not only include extensive integration capabilities but must also maintain scalable architecture. The flexible yet fast Design-to-Broadcast feature allows non-technical staff members to handle the daily operation easily.

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Manufacturing Digital Signage : Treadmill Factory

digital signage factory application

Most of the factories are lacking of IT professional. The design of PRIME focuses on ease of use while the system is still powerful. Starting from installation, player management, content design, scheduling to publishing, rolex replica even non-technical user is able to get it done easily! The Pull and Push technology is introduced to lower the barrier of network stuff that users always get into trouble in the past.

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