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The Airport Digital Signage system operates non-stop, 24×7, so reliability is the number one requirement. In order to apply the system to different airline counters, boarding gates, baggage claims, and other areas in the airport, it must not only include extensive integration capabilities but must also maintain scalable architecture. The flexible yet fast Design-to-Broadcast feature allows non-technical staff members to handle the daily operation easily.


Taoyuan International Airport (Taiwan) is one of the most important airports in Asia. The passenger and cargo throughput in 2012 reached 27.8 million and 1.57 million tons, respectively.The fast and accurate messages are extremely important to the airport’s passengers. To keep up with the fast pace of transportation aviation and provide the best service to passengers, a secure and up-to-date digital signage system for a dynamic airport environment is required.


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Why CaptiveAD Solution for Airport Digital Signage

Role-Based Access Model for concurrent operations from multiple groups
The T1 Console system is designed using a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) architecture. This allows multiple groups of clients to operate simultaneously yet independently within authorised access.


For example, airlines can manage their own content display independently. Each airline (group of clients) has complete freedom to create, modify, and remove content / schedules to all or parts of the layout for their own check-in counters and boarding gates. Thus, the same design is readily applicable to different baggage claims, shops, flight information, city shuttle information, and VIP lounges.

Easy Management while meeting the airport’s security standards

Administrators can monitor, authorize, and modify each client’s action with the same console interface. An administrator can take control of or reallocate any client, and respond to any urgent occasion or message delivery need. This leaves sufficient flexibility for management while meeting the airport’s security standards at the same time。

Fast Design-to-Broadcast using Drag and Drop

Staffers can change the layout design using the drag-and-drop interface. With the Design-to-Broadcast concept design, it only takes a few steps to go from adding versatile content to sending the content to the corresponding displays.

A Promising Business and a Proven Solution

airport digital signage: Airline Check-in Counter
Digital Signage is a rising market. As global economic growth becomes stable, the annual passenger and cargo throughput at international airports will also increase. To maintain the competitive advantages of their host countries and to provide the best image to their passengers, most airport authorities will provide a budget to establish or update the digital signage systems of their airports. That is the promise of this business, replica rolex and CaptivAD solution is the proven solution for this specific business need.

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