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To provide better service and an even more inviting environment to customers, Eslite has chosen Qnia CapitvAD retail digital signage solution to install its Music Audition System, Bookstore Guidance System, Background Music System, and Digital Signage System.


Eslite Bookstore was founded in 1989 in Taipei, and offers readers a selection of titles from the arts and humanities to life and creativity. It gradually developed into a conglomerate with the cultural and creative industries at its core. In 2004, Eslite was named “Asia’s Best Bookstore” in Time Magazine’s The Best of Asia survey, and in 2011, Eslite was the recipient of the Top 100 Taiwan Brands Award presented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.  Nowadays, Eslite has over 40 branches in Taiwan,Hong Kong and China. It is not only the representative bookstore in the Greater China region, but also the largest and the most famous bookstore in Asia. 

Retail Digital Signage System Introduction

Applying one CaptivAD CLASSIC digital signage software, QNIQ has derived 4 systems for different applications:


Music Audition System:
This system allows the customer to preview the songs on a music CD. The customer simply places the barcode of the CD box under the barcode reader, and the Music Audition System will check if the music from that collection is available in a local MP3 Player. If not, it will download the MP3 files from a backend system. Over 5000 collections have been stored in the system. When the system is idle, it functions as digital signage that plays preloaded videos or messages in rotation.


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Bookstore Guidance System:

This is an interactive guidance system for the Bookstore. With an integrated touch screen, customers can easily find any useful information they want.


Background Music System:
The background music at any branch is controlled by the CMS. There is also a 10-minute “Personage Chitchat” section per hour. All the contents are prepared at the headquarters and then dispatched to players at each branch via CMS using several drag-and-drop stops.


Digital Signage System:

In the most conspicuous positions at the branches, several Digital Signage players are installed. The selected contents, including video, an introduction to Eslite, promotions, and so forth, are dispatched to each Digital Signage player via CMS. Eslite delivers the messages to each customer whenever they enter the Bookstore!
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Project Size

Over 200 CaptivAD Digital Signage players have been installed in the different Eslite Bookstore branches.

Why CaptivAD Solution

As a representative bookstore, Eslite wants to provide comprehensive information and services to customers. This must include information provided via vision, hearing, and sense of touch. In addition, Eslite is still expanding its business, so the expandability of any system should be considered. Furthermore, thousands of customers visit different branches every day, so Eslite also has tough requirements for reliability. Meanwhile, the systems are located in different branches, so a good CMS (Content Management Software) system plays an important role in smooth operations.

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With highly flexible integration functions, CaptivAD solution can satisfy Eslite’s requirements for all the applications (Music Audition System, Bookstore Guidance system, Background Music System, and Digital Signage System) with the same core system! This not only saves on initial costs, development time, and training effort, but also provides benefits to system management and lowers the total cost of ownership.

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CaptivAD solution is ready for any large-scale turnkey project. The network architecture can be expanded as required. Relate Agent is specially designed to be able to share the workload of the CMS server and reduce the bandwidth required. CaptivAD solution provides a perfect match for the rapid development of Eslite’s business.

The reliability of CaptivAD solution has been proven in different corners of the world and verified yet again with Eslite Bookstore. With its RISC architecture, the error rate of the system is very low. Eslite can thus focus on content management to deliver useful information to customers, instead of wasting time on system maintenance.

CMS (Content Management Software) is the soul of the system. Though CaptivAD solution has been applied for different applications (Music Audition System, Bookstore Guidance system, Background Music System, and Digital Signage System) in Eslite branches, the replica backend CMS is intuitive and easy-to-use. So, whether Eslite wants to add a new dispatch CD collection, change the video or MP3 contents, or even deliver a special offer message, it only takes a few clicks to make it happen throughout the country.

A Promising Business and a Proven Solution

The Eslite Bookstore project is a good and comprehensive example of digital signage applications in retail operations. These applications involve music auditions, background music, “Personage Chitchat” section, a guidance system, and promotional messages (images and videos). This covers most of the typical usages of digital signage in retail.Digital signage in retail is becoming increasingly common and is a rising market. CaptivAD solution has proven itself to be the leader in this market, and is without a doubt the best choice for this promising business!

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