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retail digital signage: japan convenience store

The Japanese government has taken measures to limit tobacco advertisements and promotions. However, tobacco companies are allowed to place their advertisements in outlets with retail digital signage. Philip Morris International has seized this opportunity to promote their branded tobacco and increase their sales volumes.


Philip Morris Japan is the Japanese affiliate of Philip Morris International Japan (PMJ). It is responsible for the marketing and sales promotion of PMJ’s products in Japan. The main brand in their portfolio is Marlboro, the world’s number one selling cigarette. They are now the second largest tobacco company in Japan and have established themselves as the largest foreign tobacco company.


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Why CaptivAD Solution for Retail Digital Signage

The Digital Signage Player must operate non-stop for 365 days in convenience stores. These stores are dispersed widely throughout different areas of Japan, and therefore, the maintenance cost of each faulty system is very high. The reliability of the system thus becomes critical. Besides, rich support of multimedia contents is required to provide PMJ with the benefit of designing attractive advertisements. Furthermore, this client requires a very simple scheduling solution so that non-technical staff members will be able to arrange the playing order of advertisements easily.QNIQ’s CaptivAD Solution is a reliable yet powerful digital signage system that fully fulfills the strict requirements of PMJ.

The RISC-based design of the CaptivAD Digital Signage Player provides proven high reliability even in tough environments. Without the complicated components of a PC-based machine, it is rare to find faulty parts in a Digital Signage Player even after long-term operation.


The low heat emission further increases the system integrity. Users need not worry about the issue of overheating. No CPU fan is required, which means a lower fault rate in terms of hardware. This significantly lowers the maintenance cost and increases the availability of the system.

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The CaptivAD Digital Signage Player supports a wide array of files including video, audio, and image files. In addition to these files, it also supports Flash Lite. This provides the highest flexibility to the designer to present attractive multimedia advertisements.
The scheduling of the advertisements is defined by filename. The playing order and schedule can be set accordingly. Furthermore, even the power on and power off times of the Digital Signage Player can also be defined in a similar way. The system also supports 26 special playing effects for images, and all are defined by filename. All these fake functions can be controlled by anyone, even those without a technical background! This shortens the learning period and saves on training costs.

The CaptivAD Digital Signage Player operates with very low power consumption. The power consumption is about 8W, while PC-based solutions may consume up to 300W. Our solution puts these energy-savings back in your pocket. CaptivAD Digital Signage Player can reduce your power bill by an estimated USD 60,000 annually (on a 100 player basis)! That’s a low TCO!

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A Promising Business and a Proven Solution

CaptivAD Digital Signage is a proven solution in retail markets across the global. Clients are able to present very attractive advertisements promoting their products to target customers, with little IT skills required. Clients are also trouble-free with this highly reliable solution – you should focus on business instead of worrying about the maintenance of the system. With low investment costs, rolex replica watches and very low power and maintenance costs, you get a higher return on your investment!

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