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manufacturing digital signageBackground

DK City Corporation, founded in 1987 has been venturing on the manufacturing of the products that intend to satisfy the common pursuits of mankind in leading a life style of health, happiness and longer life-expectancy. DK City builds a series of products that extended from high-end furniture, fitness equipment and massage chairs to the recreational electric-scooters and golf cars. It recently devotes tremendous amount of resources to the innovation of the electrical, pollution-free bicycles and motorcycles, all attempting to protect and preserve a piece of clean land for the next generations.


The factory in central Taiwan is the major base manufacturing their high-end products. They have multiple production lines for different parts. Detailed guidance must be provided to workers to instruct them the procedure in specific time. DK City produced the instruction videos and burnt to the DVD, and delivered to the DVD player in front of each production line manually. In factory, the environment was tough, which caused the high fault rate of the DVD player. When the products produced by the production lines were changed, they had to repeat the procedure again. Obviously, it is not an efficient way to deliver information by this old way.

Project Size

  • Over 50 PRIME Digital Signage Software  players have been installed in the factory.
  • Manufacturing Digital Signage provides instant update and instruction to each production line, make sure the complicated process be executed accurately.

Why CaptivAD solution for Manufacturing Digital Signage

Most of the factories are lacking of IT professional. The design of PRIME focuses on ease of use while the system is still powerful. Starting from installation, player management, content design, scheduling to publishing, even non-technical user is able to get it done easily! The Pull and Push technology is introduced to lower the barrier of network stuff that users always get into trouble in the past. The newly designed scheduling interface simplifies the complicated scheduling action to not more than several click and drag! Of course, it includes rich support of multimedia contents that user is able to include the effects he wants.PRIME is the solution with simple intelligence. It fulfills the special requirements of factory and SME.

Network technology is involved in Player management. For enterprise with no IT professional, it would be a big barrier. QNIQ understands what customers want so we introduce Pull and Push Technology to our solution. User can enjoy easy signage player registration and initiation through near instant connectivity to PRIME CMS. Player management has never been so easy!

PRIME comes with simple database, which supports up to 200 nodes and is suitable for SME. The installation is so easy and is almost transparent to user. The whole installation is no more than several clicks!

It is easy to manage the Players through the grouping by keywords. User may define keywords to individual Player or multiple Players. With the keywords defined, user can easily group or search the players he wants.

PRIME provides flexible scheduling. It includes Calendar-based (periodic and interrupt) and Non-schedule (rotation scheduling).If you make several layouts and simply want to play them in rotation, Non-schedule is your answer! You want to schedule by day, week or month, Calendar-based scheduling must fulfill your requirement!

Promise Business and Proven Solution

With over 10-year of experience on signage, QNIQ understands what the customers actually want. CaptivAD PRIME Signage is the solution for the requirements. It can be widely applied to different applications. It is simple intelligence cheap replica watches and is suitable for SME. Our Pull and Push technology and improved interface break the barrier with the non-technical user. You should spend your effort on your business instead of dealing with the user training and system maintenance! With low investment cost, you get very high return on your investment!