Signage Display Watchdog

Never get caught with digital signage display down

Smart gadget for securing your digital signage display without break!

How long does it take before you recognize the display is off unexpectedly? It’s the last missing security portion of the digital signage puzzle!

CaptivAD eyeSign (exclusive patent license) is the watchdog system that monitors the display nonstop. It takes no more than 10 secs to install and integrates with the CaptivAD CMS system to provide the service constantly.

It also available for any digital signage CMS with Windows /Linux OS.

See How EYESIGN Works

1. Plug and Play

Just plug in the USB port of Signage player, eyeSign could be work instantly.

2. Connect eyeSign sensor with display

The sensor could be attached on the display with our special sticker.

3. Start monitoring

With Optical technology, if display is off or stuck at the same screen, eyeSign will detect and analysis the status.

4. CMS alert

If the result of analysis confirmed the mal-function of Display. The alert signal will be sent to CMS for operator to be notified.


  • USB V2.o Compliant Interface
  • Power support DC+5V (From USB Power)
  • High IR rejection
  • Dark Current Cancellation
  • Temperature Stable
  • Work Current 13.6mA
  • Operating Temperature 0C~45C
  • Receiver unit Visible Light Sensor
  • Light Rang 0~200 Lux
  • Total power consumption 68mW

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