• Q1.

    What is the default "User ID" and "Password"?


    Please refer to the Prime User Manual, p.28 in English version and p.36 in Chinese version.

  • Q2.

    When setting WiFi, do I need to input SSID? And how to do the rest?


    Yes, you should setup the SSID of the wireless setting. On the Remote Controller, press MENU key, press down arrow until the menu on the left reaches Wifi. Enable Wifi, then enter SSID and Password. Then move to submit and press OK to save the setting.

  • Q3.

    When installing, what software environment do I need to pay attention?


    To install Prime, the .NET Framework version must be 4.0 or above. Windows 7 and 8 should come with 4.0 or above version.

  • Q4.

    What is the usage of "Connect Password"? How to do the setting?


    If there are two or more Prime system in your environment and search the players, the one that registers and enters the password in Connect Password first, can avoid other Prime system to register the specific players.

  • Q5.

    What kind of the content formats can be supported? Is there any restriction?


    The supported video format includes mp4, mpg, mpeg, avi, ts, mov, mkv and ogm. The supported image format includes jpg, jpeg, png, bmp and gif (static only).

  • Q6.

    Can I do the video preview in preview mode of Layout?


    The video cannot be previewed on Prime system.

  • Q7.

    How do I know about the status of file transferring?


    After publishing the playlist, you may check the Publish Status in Playing Report on top right hand side of PLAYER screen.

  • Q8.

    How can I get the current playing status of every player?


    When the publish is completed and the players begin playing the contents, you may monitor the Playlist Layout Media of the player in Playing Report on top right hand side of PLAYER screen.

  • Q9.

    If I select Portrait either 90 or 270 degree, will the system transfer all the contents automatically?


    If you work on Portrait layout, all the relevant slides and contents will be rotated automatically except video and Flash, which should be handled before submission.

  • Q10.

    What is the priority of Periodical, Interrupt and Non-Schedule in Publish?


    In Prime, different types of schedule can be mixed in Publish. However, there is priority on playing. The highest priority is Non Schedule, followed by Interrupt. Next, it is Periodical and Default Layout is the last (may leave not to set). If Non Schedule is set, other schedule becomes no effect.

  • Q11.

    Can I use "Interrupt" as a calendar based schedule?


    Yes, you may use Interrupt as the calendar based schedule to specify the date and time of schedule.