Qniq Unique Features:

Flexiable Digital Signage Scheduler Fits Your Business

[Manage your schedule on your own terms ]
Prime’s smart scheduling (priority, calendar, scheduled interrupts to name a few) matches any business requirement.

Whether it is calendar based or priority-based, you can be sure your signs display according to a schedule in line with your client’s strategic focus.

Flexible Periodic & Calendar Scheduling

  • You can assign each layout by a calendar timeline option: daily, weekly or monthly periodical requirement. Meet clients' sales demands or the target audience focus.
  • Insert an extra layout to serve as an interrupt schedule option for sudden event occurrences.

Non Schedule Playlist Management with Ease

  • Simple playlist arrangement by lining up the layout according to preference.
  • Adjust the sequence or setup as a default layout with a single click.

Custom Button Switch Ready

    PRIME enable the professional integrator to orchestrate digital signage content with sensors and attenuators including buttons, motions sensors, optical detectors and relays through its GPIO module.