Qniq Unique Features:

Intuitive Editor for Digital Signage Content Creation

[Easy hands-on layout editing and management]
Managing the content for multiple digital signage network is a monumental effort for any admin not to mention the effort required for creating stunning presentation for retail or public environments.

Prime is intuitively easy. Building playlists and leveraging content is simple and easy: drag and drop interface allows for the fastest possible sign creation. The built-in layout editor keeps content management simple.

Abundant Media Support

  • Support up to 13 types of content media for your layout editing, including Flash Lite, HTML5, streaming, 3D animation, common video , live video, and standard image formats, RSS feeds, text tickers... and more!
  • Support widgets and OpenGLES

Drag and Drop Region Editing Tool

  • Drag and drop the region (media type) to the editing area, you can freely move around each region (media type) as you need to build up customized layout.
  • Each region (media type) is definable by metrics—the content list is editable from your own media library. As easy as editing a local document.
  • Supports layout switching,looping.
  • Vertical and horizontal display orientation support to accommodate different environments.

Video Cynchronization

  • Multi-display cynchronization is no longer costly or complicated. No hardware or software setup required.
  • PRIME's innovative cynchronization function combines both clock and network technology for an even more accurate display cynchronization experience.