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Keeping Digital Signage Cost Down with Low TCO

[embedded solution ]
When considering a digital signage system, it’s tempting to purchase an off-the-shelf personal computer (PC) option. Without considering the total cost of ownership, deployers will end up spending far more money than they budgeted.

Before purchasing a digital signage system, consider the importance of a total cost of ownership. Embedded solutions, which offer lower initial and power costs, improved reliability and a longer lifespan, conclusively prove to have a much higher ROI than any PC based solution.

Reduced Power Cost

  • Power optimized micro-architecture can meet today's needs for fanless operation, flexibility and versatile I/O, and low power consumption.
  • Embedded systems are optimized for life-cycle and business-driven factors, such as low power consumption.

Improved Reliability

  • Fanless, solid-state designs featured in embedded solutions offer efficient heat dissipation and low thermal resistance, delivering better reliability over the operating life; resulting in lower poser consumption and less heat.
  • The reduction in both heat and the number of moving parts of an embedded solution results in improved reliability of the system. This translates into dramatic reduction in service costs.

Longer Lifespan

  • The product life of a typical PC may be as short as just a few months. Rapid advances in technology mean managing multiple PCs of varying configurations and different operating systems. The resources required to manage multiple configurations can quickly become a nightmare for any deployer.
  • Embedded systems simply the operation management function by providing controller management, hardware updating and asset management. So deployers can selection an advanced digital signage system that provides high-performance, high-reliability, ruggedness, and multi-year product life-cycle benefits.

Improved Security

  • PC system have well known weakness, and published tolls can breach even the most rigid security measures.
  • Embedded system are proprietary systems, able to be efficiently and effectively limited in their access and control.
  • All systems can be easily monitored by and authorized administrator, performance, high-reliability, ruggedness, and multiyear product life-cycle benefits.