Qniq Unique Features:

Pull-Push Digital Signage Network Quick Deploy

[ Zero to Registration in 6 secs ]
Digital Signage Software -PRIME: Pull-Push network function is the realization of a hands-off policy toward automated digital signage player management. It adds intelligence to system setup and installation by eliminating the complex network initiation through near instant deployment connectivity to the entire digital signage network.

PRIME digital signage software allows you to identify new media players and pull them into the registered list ready for deployment. Working with your network could be not requiring expensive static IP settings. Pull-Push network technology utilizes existing signage network infrastructure to deploy without all the trouble.

PUSH Network Delivery (within a common LAN)

  • Within a common LAN environment, PRIME will initiate a broadcast to have all CaptivAd players connect online and register automatically - near instant deployment connectivity, eliminating complex network initiation
  • All you need to do is select [PUSH PLAYER] button on top navigation bar, then all the player will register in secs.

PULL Network Delivery (with static IP setting)

  • Player registration entails entering the IP range of your player network and scanning. PRIME pulls all detected players into the registration list within seconds. Task complete!
  • With a static IP function associated with the devices, PRIME pulls external players across the Internet and adds them to the registration pool.

Keyword Grouping: simple intelligence

  • Registered players can be grouped by keywords or dedicated to specific playlists for easier management.
  • You can modify the settings of multiple players with same keywords by just one click.
  • Keywords can be added/edit/replaced any time.

Manage Players with Ease

  • Showing every critical info about players in a glance, including connect status, MAC, keyword, playlist, Firmware Version, last connection time, display type..etc.
  • Update players firmware without IT resources.
  • Setting players reboot, sleep mode, mute, brightness with routine schedule.