Qniq Unique Features:

Digital Signage Network Scale up to Thousands

[Relay Agent and Full IT architect support ]
Classic with Relay agent architecture fully supports LAN and WAN, manages all your players across multiple geographic regions, and reduces your bandwidth requirements across your entire network. Along with multi-console function, Classic design for remote network administration.

What does this mean to your clients? It means you control your boundaries. The Classic is your single turnkey solution that grows with your requirements well suited for the largest of scales.

Relay Agent

  • With the Relay Agent, the CLASSIC system features a near limitless boundary expansion.
  • servers and players can be located in different cities or countries, all the while reducing bandwidth requirements for multi-location player connection.
  • establishment costs are not the only benefits, the CLASSIC improves overall system performance,

WAN/LAN/3G Support

  • By leveraging existing network infrastructure CLASSIC system supports both WAN and LAN environments allowing for near limitless expansion.
  • Wireless 3G could be deployed as needed

Remote Admin

    Classic system supports remote console login. Connect remotely to the server from any computer--increased management flexibility.