Qniq Unique Features:

Customized Smart Console for Airport Digital Signage

[Specific design for extensive integration capacity]
The key to any great digital signage network is the published content to keep your target audience informed and entertained. Qniq Classic is designed to deliver great digital signage content through a deployment-ready, customizable console with easy access to templates, content creation tools, and special features developed to respond to your specific needs.

CLASSIC system support customized console for dynamic environment like airport or department store.

T1 Console (for Airport Counter)

  • Dynamic/Real-time assign any check-in account for different airline and contents
  • Customized easy layout management for every employee of the Airline companies to updated/switched in just one click
  • Support preview thumbnail of the counter screen.

Extensive Integration Capability

  • Integrate with more content including signage for duty free shops, restaurants, VIP lounge, baggage claims...) under same console interface
  • Ideal system for Dynamic Environment like Airport