Digital Signage Software for up to thousands

Maximum Capacity for Your Digital Signage Network

CLASSIC digital signage software is designed to compliment large network deployment in multiple geographic locations. Relay Agent architecture and an SQL server design, Classic supports scale-up to over thousands. Full LAN and WAN support means players can be installed virtually anywhere and still be connected to the remote administrator.

The Classic digital signage software is designed around an embedded system to minimize all types of security risks. Network security is enhanced even further through authentication and private protocol features as system standard. While role-based permissions give administrators the option to create permission pools in a few clicks.

CLASSICDigital Signage Unique Features

Scale up to thousand players

Relay Agent and Full IT architect support,Classic supports scale-up to over thousands

Role-based Permission for Signage Management

Improved security and effective workflow throughout the network

Smart Console Choice

Deployment-ready, customizable console with easy access to templates, content creation tools

CLASSIC Digital Signage Functions

Player Management

  • Supports up to thousand players to meet the largest of scale requirements.
  • Relay Agent for full control of local and multi-region network setup and expandability.
  • Player grouping and consolidation through group naming.
  • MAC key license authentication for added security.
  • Real time playlist inspection and monitoring.
  • Customization support for 3rd party module integration.
Full Function support large scale of projects

Content Management

  • Full spectrum of supported multimedia feature set, including: Flash Lite, HTML5 , streaming, 3D animation, and common video and image formats.
  • Layout switching and multi-channel selection.
  • User-centric design, flexible integration options, stable and secure interface.
  • Full calendar, interrupt scheduling and channel events.
  • Critical emergency override alerting feature.
  • Smart Console Choice: support customized console for specific layout and easy usage.

Schedule Management

  • Calendar-based schedule setting,support full calendar, interrupt scheduling and channel events.
  • Support multi-channels for different program.
  • Schedule specific layout to be broadcasted at specific times.
  • Critical emergency override alerting feature.

Log and User Management

    Log Management
  • Player logs contain historical information stored on players, such as start/end date time.
  • System logs are available for viewing, downloading, and exporting by all users.
  • File transfer logs keep a record/percentage of what media files have been transferred to players from the server.
  • User Management
  • Add/delete users, Password /contact email management.
  • Role-based Permission for Signage Management: Upload Manager / Content Manager/ Approve Manager / Dispatch Manager/ System Manager.

System Managment

  • Set up schedule download time.
  • Set up play log download time.
  • Security control /Permission Control.
  • MacKey Authentication/Remote Control Support.
  • Socket Media Server and File Server.
  • Multi-Channel, Multi-Windows and visual management.
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