Plug and Play Digital Signage Player

Digital Signage Update with USB, Manage with Simplity

CaptivAD Standalone is digital signage in minutes. Simple plug and play operation. Name the content to display in the order of display and load onto a USB drive. Insert and wait for the signage content to load. No complex software to interfere with the easy media management feature. No networking required.

Standalone takes only minutes to install and works in a wide variety of locations, including: retail stores, hotel lobbies, restaurant foyers and universities. No IT requirements.The easiest to use and operate, Standalone is the inexpensive and easy way for any small business to promote products, services and generate new sales.

STANDALONE Digital Signage Functions

System Management

  • No installation requirement design for commercial advertising market.
  • Plug and play operation for portability and direct playback.
  • No IT requirements for low maintenance and operation costs.
  • No network requirements.

Easy Media Management

  • File naming protocol for trouble free media management and scheduling.
  • The Standalone allows any user to play an array of 1080p audio and video content through a simple and effective file naming protocol.
  • All content is simply renamed in the order to be played, saved onto a USB medium and plugged into the player.
  • Your digital signage environment is now up and running. Qniq Standalone is cost-effective, simple media management.

Auto on/off Function

  • Select your specific On and Off schedule, reduce waste and cost of operation.
  • Qniq Standalone features auto on and off functionality. Most stand-alone players are designed with passive controls requiring constant hands-on operation.The Standalone has the advantage of letting you select a specific On and Off schedule, alleviating the need for constant monitoring.Reduce waste and cost with Standalone Auto On and Off operation.

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