Digital Signage Software for up to 200 players

Intelligence and ease in Digital Signage Software

CaptivAD PRIME is digital signage software designed dedicated for small and medium projects requiring less than 200 digital signage players. The beauty of PRIME is in its light structure. It provides more options to eliminate the difficulties in digital signage player installation, content design, distribution and display complexity.

Years of deployment experience have provided Qniq with a rich knowledge pool for its digital signage solution and user interfaces. The hard work and toil has resulted in unparalleled features, such as: Pull-Push Network Delivery, Intuitive Layout Editing, Video Synchronization, and Flexible Scheduling. PRIME is designed for one sole purpose, Command Attention.

PRIMEDigital Signage Unique Features

Easy Signage Implement : Pull-Push

Zero to Registration in
under 6 seconds

Intuitive Signage Layout Editing

Easily hands-on layout
edit and manage

Flexible Scheduling Tools

Manage your schedule on
your own terms

PRIME Digital Signage Functions

Player Management

  • Supports 1 to 200 nodes(players) to meet most client requirements
  • Easy signage player registration and initiation through Pull-Push : Easy Digital Signage Implement - near instant connectivity to CMS interface. No additional configuration required!
  • Organize player management through keyword grouping , so you can search specific or multiple players by keywords
  • Real time playlist monitoring allows real time layout inspection
  • Player setting with intelligence: update players firmware without IT resources, setting players reboot, sleep mode, mute, brightness with routine schedule
Easy Player Setting, Minimize Your IT Investment

Content Management

  • Support up to 13 types of content media for your layout editing including : Flash Lite, HTML5, streaming, 3D animation, common video , RSS, standard image formats and more.
  • Drag and drop tools for simplified customization of personalized layout through Intuitive Signage Layout Editing
  • Supports layout switching and looping, vertical and horizontal display orientation
  • Supports Video Synchronization.
  • Embedded database design for a trouble-free installation. No complex database installation or management required
Brand New UI, Hands On

Publish Management

  • PRIME: Digital Signage Flexible Scheduling Tools: Provide Periodical scheduling, calendar-based or interrupt and non-schedule priority-based publish management.
  • Periodical Scheduling: Playlist setup by Daily/Weekly/Monthly timeframe routine.
  • Calendar-based: Playlist setup by specific date and time.
  • Priority-based: Playlist setup by your promotional priority sequence and repeat.
  • Supports Button Switching provides customized immersive user experiences.
Cover All Your Scheduling Requirements

[Quick Guide Download]

    7 steps to have PRIME digital signage up and running within 30 mins.
    Step 1. Install the PRIME Software
    Step 2. Connect the Player
    Step 3. Activate the Player
    Step 4. Import Sample Layouts
    Step 5. Create a Playlist
    Step 6. Assign the Playlist to Player
    Step 7. Publish to Player  


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